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The Swiss Fire Brigade Association is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. For this reason, all fire brigades in Switzerland were animated to open the gates on 30 and 31 August. On this occasion, the fire department Wangen organizes the night and day of the open gates on 30 and 31 August 2019.

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The festival started on Friday at 16.30 clock under the slogan Feierabendbier. At 20.00 started the concert of the band The Rolling Barrels. The party went on until late at night. We were able to welcome many guests on this evening.

On Saturday we started at 08.30 clock with the morning pint and the country trio Etzel-Buebä. At 10.00 clock was the first program highlight. The collection with the hand pressure sprayer, Haflinger, tank fire engine and the imposing Panther this is an airport fire engine of the Swiss army. At lunchtime no one came too short, our grill team ate the visitors with a large selection of food. As a special there was also suckling pig with potato salad. The whole day there were also attractions for the whole family. So z. B. A respiratory protection course, there could big and small times put on a respirator and get the feeling of how you feel as a respirator. The company Flameless also made demonstrations with fire blankets and fire extinguishers, they could all try themselves all day long. Other highlights included the demonstration of the hand pressure sprayer and the tanker fire truck. This show saw the difference of yesteryear and today. Also the demonstration of the Panthers could not be missing. Also on this day we were able to greet many guests and immerse them in the everyday life of the fire department.

It was a very successful event and we would like to thank all visitors, sponsors and contributors.

Feuerwehr Wangen; OK-Nacht und Tag der offenen Tore

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