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On March 15, 2019, the Schwyzer Eigenheim-Messe opened its doors for the first time in the Seedamm Plaza in Pfäffikon SZ. The exhibitors and the organizers pulled together in the past year and tried to revive the outdated model in Altendorf with a new trade fair concept. New, all exhibited objects were sorted and presented by region and this regardless of the provider, which is very well received by all.


The fair was very well attended and for everyone a positive experience. Our consultants spent a great time with many nice visitors and exhibitors and were able to stock up on the numerous interested parties with information, documentation and freebies. 


It was a lot of fun and we would like to thank all visitors, the other exhibitors and the organizer for the great fair. We look forward to seeing you again soon and wish you all a good time.

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