Well versed in all aspects of real estate.

Etzel Immobilien AG was registered in the commercial register on March 7, 1989, and since then has contributed a great deal to the current market situation in the regional real estate sector.

Everything is going to be golden for the 30th anniversary. So also the market appearance. However not only the market appearance is golden, but also our services. We still offer you the complete package around real estate and will be available to you in the future with questions. Our team is dedicated, competent and uncomplicated and will gladly advise you.





The jubilee of Etzel Immobilien AG is discussed in various media. Renovum Exclusive Magazine published a two-page report with an interview with founding brothers Jakob and Adrian Gattiker. You can see the complete report here

We would like to thank all customers and partners of the past years for their trust in us and the good cooperation. We look forward to more exciting and successful years and wish you all a good time. 

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